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Phuket Events
Phuket Gay Festival
Once a community project, now an annual event, the Gay Festival is becoming an increasing attraction for tourists to Patong Beach. Beach activities, street parties, lots of outrageous costumes and stage shows.
Thao Thep Krasatri-Thao Sri Suntorn Festival  

Held in March every year in memory of the two heroines who led the defence of the island against the Burmese in 1785. Events vary with each year.

Phuket Bike Week  
Phuket Bike WeekClick More Detail  
Songkran Festival

Thailand's most famous festival celebrates the Thai New Year.Prepare to join in the fun and get very wet or stay indoors! A loud, boisterous festival that features a lot of water throwing in the streets.
Turtle Releasing Festival

Part of the New Year celebrations - the government has also named this National Fisheries Day. Turtle release is centred mainly at Mai Khao and Nai Yang beaches at the northern end of the island.
Por Tor Festival  

An important merit-making festival for ethnic Chinese. Special food, flowers and candles are presented to the ancestor's altars. Cakes in the shape of turtles are made from flour. This is done because turtles live to great age and it is believed that by making such offering worshippers may extend the length of their lives.
Vegetarian Festival

Celebrated by Phuket's Chinese community, this festival continues for 9-10 days. Lots of body piercing and strange processions of people under trances. Part of a cleansing ritual which involves many local residents. Excellent vegetarian food on sale in the streets.
Patong Carnival  

Loud and colourful. Lots of visual entertainment and fun for visitors. Each year is slightly different, but the festival includes a parade, shows and concerts. Marks the start of the official high season. Lots of fun.
Loy Kratong

Held each year to venerate the river spirits with gifts of Krathongs. Made of banana leaves, and decorated with incense and candles, thousands of these beautiful boats light up the night as they float down rivers and canals, and across lakes and oceans, on the night of the full moon. The most beautiful sights can be witnessed near Ayutthaya, and in the ruins of Sukhothai.
King's Cup Regatta

The most exciting event on the island's sporting calendar. The regatta attracts yachts from all over the world to enter the races from Phuket to the neighbouring islands.
Phuket International Seafood Festival

Phuket is a seafood lover's paradise. Apart from the delicious seafood delights on show from hotels and restaurants, the festival will host events, activities and cooking demonstrations. Competitions include ice sculpting, a display of bartender skills, a magic show and much more.

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